To register for and maintain access to the RESIDENT ONLY pages of this site YOU MUST BE a verifiable and current Glen Oak Acres resident.

  • Registration is based upon current GOA address and individual primary email address. (Spouse emails are informational only and will not be registered.)
  • Households may register for more than one primary email by submitting additional registrations.
  • Approved registrations will give access to the residents portion of this site as well as register you for GOAconnect (our neighborhood email group) and invitations to GOA neighborhood social media accounts.  Note: You will only be able to post on GOAconnect with the email attached to your approved registration. 
  • Registered users may not share their login and passwords outside their GOA households.

Please submit the form below to gain access to the resident-only portion of our website. Your access code will be emailed to you once residency is verified.  Your patience is appreciated until one of our GOA volunteers is able to process this request.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Please submit additional new emails for a residence in the form below to gain access to the resident-only portion of our website. If you register and receive an alert that "This email is already linked to an existing account", please link here to set your password (be sure to use same email you just tried to register with).

Please select last option in address menu: "Associate Member".  Once your Associate Dues have been verified as paid, your registration will be processed.

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